NASA Aeronautics Scholarships


The NASA Aeronautics Scholarships provide financial support for undergraduates and graduate students in various supported engineering and science fields and also provide summer internship experiences at NASA research centers:

  • Undergraduate Scholarships are open to students who will have at least two years of full-time study left to complete after applying, and provide up to $15,000 for each remaining school year, to be used for educational expenses, and a stipend of up to $10,000 for a summer internship at a NASA research center.
  • Graduate Scholarships are open to students who are either about to begin a full-time graduate program or currently in a full-time graduate program with at least two years remaining before completion. Graduate Scholarships provide up to $11,000 for educational expenses in each year of support, an annual stipend of $35,000, and stipends of up to $10,000 each for two summer internships at NASA research centers.

Candidates for both programs must be U.S. citizens or nationals studying in eligible fields related to aeronautics and must have at least two more years of study remaining in their academic program.

Fact Sheet

U.S. Citizen, U.S. Permanent Resident

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