Become a National Collegiate Journal of Science Staff Writer!

The the National Collegiate Journal of Science (NCJS) is a science publication started in the summer of 2020 that is quickly growing into a national community of student writers. The NCJS has placed a call for new staff writers to join their team.

There is no application required, just fill out this form if you are interested in joining. After completing the form, you will receive information regarding the NCJS weekly onboarding meetings, where you can see what involvement in the organization entails and get set up with all the information needed to become a contributing member to NCJS. After writing 3+ articles with NCJS, you have the ability to become a staff writer and get your own page on the website.

As a staff writer for NCJS, you have the ability to write individual or group articles in a few different formats:

  • Short topic review (300 – 500-word articles, often summarizing one publication)
  • Long topic review (2000 – 4000-word articles, synthesizing multiple publications)
  • Original research (length varies depending on subject matter, summarizes independent research)

Throughout the writing process students will have standing assistance from the executive board, receive several rounds of edits from our dedicated editing team, and ultimately get published! Over time, staff writers can become an editors through selection based on the quality of writing and general involvement.

For questions, please contact the NCJS team online.