Call for Applications! LeadNext 2022

The Asia Foundation is pleased to announce LeadNext: Ambassadors for a Global Future our dynamic new program focused on global citizenship for the 21st century.

LeadNext builds a vibrant network of future leaders aged 18-25 from across Asia and the United States and supports their growth, impact, and capacity to address today’s greatest challenges.

Fellows will strengthen leadership skills and gain in-depth knowledge of critical challenges facing Asia and the globe through leadership training modules, expert-led masterclasses, mentorship, and a week-long in-person Global Leaders Summit in the San Francisco Bay Area. LeadNext promotes cross-cultural dialogue, trust, and cooperation among the next generation of global leaders with a commitment to effecting positive change.

With the profound structural changes that will transform geopolitics, global governance, the global economic order, and social landscape over the next decade and beyond, a new generation of globally-minded leaders is imperative. The LeadNext program equips emerging leaders with strong international networks, exposure to wide-ranging experiences, and leadership tools to thoughtfully steer the future.

LeadNext Fellows are dynamic emerging leaders from any sector with a commitment to creative approaches to addressing issues such as climate change, inequality, injustice, poverty, or other pressing issues.

The program:
  • Supports emerging leaders aged 18-25 years old
  • Consists of a cohort of 10 Asians + 10 Americans to facilitate a community of global leaders across cultures and disciplines
  • Deepens regional and international perspective, understanding, and commitment
  • Invests in creative and transformative next-generation leaders

Application is open September 27-November 15, 2021. Apply here

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