Undergraduate Research Opportunity in Neurology

An amazing opportunity for undergraduate research is now available in Neurology!

Dr. Kapil Ramachandran, Assistant Professor in the department of Neurology, is looking for undergraduate researchers to work on a brand new mechanism of neuronal communication and protein homeostasis in the mammalian brain which her lab discovered!

The discovery is centered on a membrane-bound form of the proteasome only observed in neurons, or neuroproteasomes for short. These neuroproteasomes degrade proteins across the membrane into a whole new class of neuromodulators. My lab works on building the groundwork for what we anticipate will be a new field within molecular neuroscience. As we grow this field, we are making amazing and unanticipated connections between neuroproteasomes and neurodegenerative disease.

Dr. Ramachandran and her team is interested in recruiting undergraduates that can initially contribute to one of three projects (one on neuroproteasome-signaling, one on neuroproteasomes in neurodegeneration, and one on the biochemistry of neuroproteasome interactions in the membrane). After a few months of experience and training, they expect undergraduates to carve out a subproject in each of these larger projects and work towards generating data and figures for manuscripts.

They are also happy to pay undergraduates for their work and effort after a 3 month voluntary training/assessment period as well as allow undergraduates to participate in research in exchange for course credit.

All undergraduates who are interested in this opportunity should apply, but preference will be given to those who can commit at least 1-2 years. They are also interested in undergraduates who may be interested in a paid technician position following the completion of their undergraduate degree. They are expecting that all undergraduates work 10 hours a week at a minimum.

If interested, please email Dr. Kapil Ramachandran (kvr2113@cumc.columbia.edu) with a brief resume detailing any previous research experience and why you would like to work in the lab. Selected applicants will be invited for an informal interview.

Please see ramachandranlab.org to learn more about this opportunity!