University of Groningen, Netherlands offers fully-funded PhD Scholarships (5/2)

The Faculty of Spatial Sciences at the University of Groningen (RUG) is offering fully-funded PhD Scholarships with the Faculty of Spatial Sciences starting 1 September 2021.

The Faculty of Spatial Sciences focuses on high quality teaching and research in the fields of social and economic geography, demography, and spatial planning, and for this opportunity are calling for applications that both fit within, and explicitly contribute to, the Faculty Research Program tWIST – towards Wellbeing, Innovation and Spatial Transformation. Furthermore, the research topic must fit within the scope of one of the research themes below. Please click here to get a full description of each theme, and the full details for the application process.

Research themes
1. Water as leverage for urban climate resilience in coastal areas;
2. Spatial spillovers of well-being: modeling the spatial inter-dependencies of happiness and its determinants;
3. Immigrants’ return migration from the Netherlands;
4. Families and school classes as contexts for mobility and life chances;
5. Inclusive mobility and accessibility;
6. Data, dialogue and decision making: design thinking in participatory processes with digital tools for creating sustainable landscapes;
7. A step in the right direction: exploring spatial scenarios for transformation of urban pedestrian mobility;
8. Assembling new subterranean energy regimes: Vertical and horizontal explorations in renewable energy transitions.

Selected fellows will receive support for a period 4 years, in addition to coaching to facilitate a smooth process and a timely completion of the PhD thesis throughout this timeframe. Fellows will participate in the Faculty’s Urban and Regional Studies Institute (URSI) PhD training program for PhD students as part of their personal training and supervision plan. Part of this training consists of following the Career Perspectives curriculum, which aims to prepare the Fellows for their (academic or non-academic) career upon completion of the PhD.

DEADLINE TO APPLY: May 2, 2021. More information available here.