Thirty-three affiliates of Columbia’s three undergraduate programs awarded graduate research fellowships the NSF-GRFP

Thirty-three students and alumni of Columbia’s three undergraduate programs have been awarded graduate research fellowships through the National Science Foundation. The Graduate Research Fellowship Program (NSF-GRFP) represents one of the nation’s most prestigious recognitions for young engineers, scientists, and social scientists.

The NSF-GRFP supports outstanding graduate students in NSF-supported scientific disciplines or in STEM education, who are pursuing full-time, research-based master’s and doctoral degrees at accredited American institutions. Each Fellowship provides three years of support over a five-year fellowship period. For each of the three years of support, NSF provides a $37,000 stipend and $16,000 cost of education allowance to the graduate degree-granting institution.

NSF Fellows are expected to become “knowledge experts” who will contribute significantly to research, teaching, and innovations in science and engineering and, as the oldest graduate fellowship of its kind, the GRFP has a long history of selecting recipients who achieve high levels of success in their future academic and professional careers.

The NSF typically receives over 12,000 applications and offers approximately 2,000 fellowships each year. This year, 33 Columbia College, General Studies, and Columbia Engineering affiliates have been awarded fellowships, with an additional 25 affiliates receiving an Honorable Mention.

Congratulations to this year’s awardees!

Antonio Carmona De Sousa Camara, SEAS’22, Computer Science
Andrew Cheng, SEAS’24, Computer Engineering
Lawrence Chillrud, CC’20, Computer Science
Jarrell Edward Daniels, GS’22, Sociology & African-American Studies
Elsie Devey, GS’24, Biomedical Engineering
Matteo Di Bernardo, CC’20, Biology & Statistics
Michaelle Evangeline DiMaggio-Potter, CC’21, Psychology
Steven DiSilvio, CC’23, Computer Science & Mathematics
Andrew Fagerheim, SEAS’24, Earth & Environmental Engineering
Tess Fallon, SEAS’23, Electrical Engineering
Michael Lawrence Garcia, SEAS’24, Mechanical Engineering
Elizabeth Gonzalez, CC’23, Astrophysics
Sophia Guizzo, SEAS’24, Applied Physics
Gabriel Guo, SEAS’24, Computer Science
Eleanor Hansen, CC’22, Psychology
Shloka Janapaty, SEAS’24, Applied Mathematics
Jordan Kalai,CC’22, Biology
Arjun Srinivasan Kudinoor, CC’23, Physics & Mathematics
Casey Li, SEAS’22, Applied Physics
Andrew Lu, CC’24, Computer Science
Cassandra Marcussen, CC’22, Computer Science & Mathematics
Walter McKelvie, SEAS’24, Computer Science
Shilpita Mitra-Behura, SEAS’24, Electrical Engineering
Kiana Mohammadian, SEAS’24, Biomedical Engineering
Ashwin Padaki, CC’24, Computer Science & Mathematics
Aiden Sagerman, CC'24, Mathematics & Comparative Literature
Cecilia Sena, CC’19, Evolutionary Biology of the Human Species
Alison Tatsuoka, CC’23, Mathematics
David Tibbits, SEAS’22, Earth & Environmental Engineering
William Xie, SEAS’22, Computer Science
Yang, Jacqueline Olivia, SEAS’24, Electrical Engineering
Zhang, Jocelyn, CC’22, Chemistry

Honorable Mention

Clayton Becker, GS’20, Economics - Political Science
Joseph Campbell, CC’22, Mathematics & Economics
Joheen Chakraborty, CC’22, Astrophysics & Computer Science
Ethan Chen, CC’21, Biochemistry & Statistics
Shawn Chiu, SEAS’22, Chemical Engineering
Stanislav DeLaurentiis,CC’23, Astrophysics
Ethan Feng, CC’23, Chemistry
Meghan Forcellati, CC’23, Environmental Biology
Dean Wilson Gelling, GS’24, Environmental Science
Stephanie Grove, CC’19, Economics
Peter Halmos, CC’21, Computer Science
Brian Jiang, CC’23, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics
Arpita Kanrar, CC’24, Applied Mathematics
Linghao Kong, CC, Computer Science & Neuroscience
Lori Leu,CC’22, Economics & Mathematics
Aviya Litman, CC’21, Mathematics
Lucas Melo, SEAS’22, Computer Science
John Van Nguyen, CC’23, Environmental Biology
Anthony Ozerov, CC’23, Statistics & Computer Science
Lucia Rondini, CC’23, Physics
Sebastian Rossi, CC’23, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics
Krish Singal, SEAS’24, Computer Science
Aditya Udupa, CC’22, Biochemistry
Steven Wang, CC’23, Biology
Lauren Wilkins, CC’22, Psychology

To learn more about the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program, visit the URF website or schedule a meeting with a URF advisor!