Science Research Fellows Program

The Science Research Fellow program is a prestigious four-year designation for some of Columbia’s most promising science students. Science Research Fellows distinguish themselves through their intellectual curiosity, academic ability, and clear interest in and commitment to scientific research, and as such, make an impact on the science community at Columbia.

Program Guidelines

Research Stipend

Each Science Research Fellow will have access to a $10,000 stipend that can be used during the Fellow’s years at Columbia to cover incurred costs associated with his or her research.

Guaranteed Summer Research Opportunities

Fellows are guaranteed two summer research experiences with a Columbia scientist. They will be supported through summer research workshops designed to supplement lab work and their research will culminate with a presentation at the annual Science Research Symposium. Students participating in summer research programs at other institutions are required to present their work in poster format the Undergraduate Research Symposium during the Fall semester.

Guaranteed Facilitation of Academic-Year Research

Fellows are guaranteed facilitation of research during the academic year and will be able to apply for select research positions as early as their first year.

Mentorship and Advising

In addition to a specialized advisor from the Center for Student Advising, Fellows receive mentorship from science faculty members and senior science majors, who will provide advice and guidance on majoring in science and conducting research at Columbia.

Enhanced Financial Aid

Fellows who have applied for and have been awarded Columbia need-based aid will receive an enhanced financial aid package, with four semesters of work-study exemption replaced by university grant to promote better access to unpaid research, study abroad, and internship opportunities. The summer earnings expectation will also be waived for two summers in which Fellows are conducting guaranteed research.

Columbia Undergraduate Scholars Program

Science Research Fellows are one of the named Scholars in the Columbia Undergraduate Scholars Program, which aims to foster intellectual, social, and cultural growth essential to leadership in today’s world.