Laidlaw Undergraduate Research and Leadership Scholarship Program

The Laidlaw Undergraduate Research and Leadership Scholars Program seeks to develop undergraduate research and leadership skills by supporting first-year students who wish to pursue innovative projects and community engagement that will help them develop the knowledge and skills to serve as future leaders in their respective fields.

The Scholarship Program funds up to 25 undergraduate students over two consecutive summers, before and after the sophomore year in the College. This program is funded by the Laidlaw Foundation, which has instituted similar programs at a number of leading universities in the United States and internationally, creating a robust network of scholars and alumni who are affiliated with the program.

The Scholarship provides 16 months of programming that begins in the spring semester of your first year in the College, and ends in the fall of your junior year in the College. These activities allow you to:

  • Develop leadership skills through training and community engagement;
  • Develop research and analytical skills and pursue a research project;
  • Build your network by collaborating with leaders in your field, be they faculty members or community leaders;
  • Learn from an academically talented community of students at Columbia and across the world who are future leaders in fields across the disciplines;
  • Strengthen your resume and your competitiveness for future opportunities.
  • Travel internationally and connect with communities and people around the world.

Visit the URF database to view eligibility requirements, the application timeline, and to start an application. Questions about the program should be directed to Ariella Lang, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.

Want to learn more?

Learn more about the Laidlaw Foundation and the scholarship by visiting their website. Read about becoming a Laidlaw scholar and the scholar experience from students of St. Andrew's University and/or watch "Become a Laidlaw Undergraduate Research & Leadership Scholar," from the Laidlaw Foundation.

Current Laidlaw Scholars: For the second summer proposal form click here.

Current Laidlaw Scholars


Avi Adler

Faith Andrews

Alisha Arshad

Eva Brander Blackhawk

Eleanor Campbell

Adina Cazacu-De Luca

Luiza Diniz Vilanova

Roberta Hannah

Victor Jandres Rivera

Hassan Javed

Rizwan Kazi

Angel Latt

Suan Lee

Evan Li

Simon Ogundare

Joanne Park

Mia Richmond

Joachim Rillo

Ava Sanjabi

Mrinalini Sisodia Wadhwa

Bryley Williams

Nicole Wolff

Jeffrey Xiong

Jacqueline Yu

Dennis Zhang


Bethel Adiele

Charlotte Atkins

Scarlet Au

Sina Fayaz Monfared

Meghan Forcellati

Cindy (Yaxin) Gao

Linus Glenhaber

Ruoyi Gong

Ishita (Elina) Govil

Paul Hanna

Jacob Kim-Sherman

Elaine Lee

Astrid Liden

Ian MacLeod

Kate Marsh

Carolyn Martinez Jorge

Neely McKee

Aaron McKeever

Anna Mishchenko

Deborah Moreno Ornelas

Anna Nuttle

Jungwoo Park

Brian Perlstein

Lillian Rountree

Alex Tan

Charles Wallace

Laidlaw Alumni



2018 Cohort