How to Apply

Once you have found some fellowships you want to apply to, you will need to allow for plenty of time since applying takes many steps. Each application process is different. Our advisers are here to support you every step of the way.

Pre-Application Worksheet

Use this worksheet as a way to reflect on your story, your interests, and your achievements when applying for fellowships and other programs.

Application Brainstorming Worksheet

Use this worksheet grid to reflect and define significant experiences from your college career. 

Applying as a Recent Alumnus/a

Fellowships offer many unique opportunities for Columbia alumni/ae.

Applying as an International Student

 Although many of the fellowships listed on our database are limited to students with U.S. citizenship, opportunities are out there for everyone.

Personal Statement

Most fellowship applications include a personal statement.

Research Proposal

The research proposal is a clear account of the research you plan to take on with the support of the fellowship.

Resume or CV

Applications usually include a document where you provide a complete record of your academic achievements.

Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendations are a crucial component in all fellowship applications and some research opportunities that you apply for. They provide unique insights into character, and serve as "expert witness" testimony that strengthens your application and provides an outside perspective.


Many fellowship and research competitions include in-person interviews in the final stage. Interviews allow selection committees to learn more about candidates' interests, abilities, and future plans.