What is a Fellowship?

Fellowships are funded, short-term opportunities, that can last from a few weeks to a few years. They can be focused on professional, academic and/or personal development. Fellowships are sponsored by a specific association, organization, institution, or government which sets the eligibility requirements. These opportunities encompasses nationally competitive grants, scholarships, and other funding opportunities.

Fellowships are often designed to support various activities, including:

  • Research, either independent or as part of a larger project
  • Developing new community-based organizations
  • Training within a specific field
  • Opportunities to further explore a particular field of work
  • Graduate Study

There are several benefits to participating in a fellowship. Fellowships can provide opportunities for cultural immersion, expanding both professional and personal networks, experiential learning, and professional development - to name just a few. Even the process of applying is beneficial to students, helping them clarify goals and interests, articulate their values and plans for the future, improved presentation and interview skills, and much more.