Global Thought Scholars

United States
Term: Spring, Summer

The urgent challenges confronting our world today require new and cross-cutting ways of thinking and acting. Global Thought Scholars are undergraduates who wish to engage in this work through participation in the work of the Committee on Global Thought and interdisciplinary collaboration on research projects directed toward making ideas work in the world.

The program invites applications from sophomores and juniors from Columbia College, General Studies, Barnard College, and SEAS who are interested in developing transdisciplinary perspectives on global questions and engaging in funded summer research projects with other students. Scholars enroll in "Approaches to Global Thought" (CGTH UN3300) in the spring and conduct their research during the summer.
Benefits: Besides funding and the opportunity to engage in collaborative projects, benefits include close mentoring from Global Thought faculty and membership in an engaged cohort of globally-minded students and faculty.


  • First Fall: Sophomores and juniors apply for the program and Global Thought Scholars are selected and announced.
  • Spring: Global Thought Scholars enroll in CGTH UN3600: Approaches to Global Thought to investigate transdisciplinary approaches to contemporary questions and develop collaborative research projects.
  • Summer: Global Thought Scholars receive stipends to conduct research with their project teams.
  • Second Fall: Global Thought Scholars participate in a Symposium where they will present their completed projects.
  • Throughout their time, Global Thought Scholars will benefit from close faculty mentoring and activities with their cohort in Global New York.


  • Membership in a diverse cohort of globally-minded students
  • Mentorship from Global Thought faculty
  • Training in transdisciplinary thinking and teamwork with the aim of developing a broader horizon of understanding and engagement than a conventional major alone can provide
  • Opportunity to engage in collaborative work on projects that aim to have an impact beyond the university
  • Activities in Global New York City
  • Summer research stipends


  • Apply in their sophomore and junior years
  • Complete the application and upload a resume and transcript (unofficial is fine)

To apply for the 2024 Global Thought Scholars program, complete this application by Sunday, October 15th at 11:59 P.M.


Please email the CGT Student Affairs and Program Manager, Farryl Last, at with any questions.

Fact Sheet

Barnard College, Columbia College, Columbia Engineering, Columbia General Studies, Junior, Sophomore
Fellowship Type:
United States
Spring, Summer

Dates & Deadlines

Application Deadline: 
Sunday, October 15, 2023