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Community-based leadership development program in community health and education, non-profit and organizational management, and social entrepreneurship

Horseshoe Farm offers an intensive 13 month community-based leadership development fellowship to recent college graduates from around the nation interested in community health and education, non-profit and organizational management, social entrepreneurship, and community service leadership. Its aim is preparing citizen service leaders needed for tomorrow's communities.

Fellows receive an educational monthly stipend, free housing, and valuable experience through front line service in and leadership of Horseshoe Farm's innovative community based programs, administrative, management, and operations responsibilities in a grassroots non-profit organization, "Community Engagement" work with other civic, business, non-profit, and governmental organizations throughout our community, and weekly readings and discussions designed to promote contextual understanding and reflection on experiences.

Through their experiences and through readings and discussions, fellows are introduced to and challenged to analyze and assess the forces and processes acting within and upon health care systems. Readings and experiences are designed to give fellows an introduction to:

  • Population and Public Health

  • Community Health and the biopsychosocial model

  • Healthcare law and ethics

  • Healthcare economics

  • Healthcare organizations

  • The structure and financing of health care systems

  • The history and evolution of the American healthcare system

  • Current thinking about and possible future directions of health policy

Applicants from the full spectrum of majors and backgrounds who have an interest in and the potential for community-based service leadership, including applicants considering community-based service careers or social entrepreneurial activities in healthcare, public health, education, social work, public policy, law, business, and community leadership are encouraged to apply. Individuals with a track record of or an interest in developing new, innovative, or independent community-based initiatives (domestically or abroad) are strongly encouraged to consider applying.

Fact Sheet

Arts and Architecture, Foreign Language Learning, Humanities, Social Sciences, STEM
Barnard College, Columbia Alumna/us, Columbia College, Columbia Engineering, Columbia General Studies, Columbia Graduate Students, Not U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident, Senior, U.S. Citizen, U.S. Permanent Resident
Fellowship Type:
Experiential, Public Service
Greensboro, ,
United States
Academic Year

Dates & Deadlines

Academic Year
Application Deadline: 
Sunday, February 21, 2021
There are two available application cycles. The First Deadline is Sunday, November 15th, 2020 by 11:59PM EST. The second deadline is reflected above (also 11:59pm EST).