Samvid Scholars

Multiple Locations,
United States
Term: Academic Year

Provides tuition support to graduate students across the United States.

Samvid Scholars was established in 2021 by Samvid Ventures to invest in the graduate education of future leaders who are committed to effecting positive change in society.

Samvid Ventures will provide up to $100K in tuition support for students in graduate schools across the United States.

  • Samvid Scholars will empower future leaders and changemakers by providing financial support for graduate study as well as leadership training

  • Scholars will be invited to an Annual Retreat with leadership training and networking opportunities

  • The program will offer professional development support and mentoring beyond the two years of tuition funding (Scholars receive up to $50K for tuition and fees each year for two years of study in a graduate program)

To learn more about this program, view a recording of a recent Samvid Scholars info session on their website, which provides an overview of the program and relevant information for supporting prospective applicants.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the timeline for this application? The application will open on February 13, 2023, and will close Sunday, April 9, 2023. Finalists will be notified in May; the final selection will be concluded in late May or early June.

Does an applicant need to know which school they will be attending when they apply: No. You'll be asked to list the institutions/programs you are considering and have been admitted to. If you are selected, you'll be asked to provide confirmation of the program you intend to attend.

Are standardized test scores required? If standardized test scores are not required for your program/university, this requirement is waived. There are no minimum test score requirements.

If an applicant receives another scholarship, can they apply for this program? Yes, you can apply. The program will work with the limits of other awards to give scholars the maximum benefit from all sources of funding, noting that the Samvid funding only applies to tuition and related fees.

Can a student apply for the Samvid if they are applying for a second postgraduate degree? Yes, as long as they are entering in the fall following the spring application/selection deadline.

Is student financial need a consideration? This is a merit based fellowship.

Are MD/PhD students eligible, or do both degree programs need to be on the degree list in order to be eligible? As long as one of the degree programs are eligible, you can apply. The Samvid will work with you to ensure that the funding you receive is applied to the relevant program.

Are students who have had a few years in the work force eligible? Yes. While students do apply and are accepted to the Samvid straight out of undergraduate programs, many candidates have work experience prior to attending graduate school, and prior to being accepted into the Samvid program.

Is there an interview component to the application? Finalists are invited to interview as part of the selection process. The interview is a 30 minute virtual interview, and it takes place in late April or May.

What are the key elements that the essays should consider? Academic excellence, service focus, leadership and determination are cornerstones of the Samvid Scholars mission. You should explain, by using specific examples, how you connect with these qualities.


An eligible candidate will:   

  • Pursue a full-time graduate program of 2 years or longer at a university in the United States, in one of the following eligible programs:   
    • MD  
    • MBA   
    • JD   
    • MPP   
    • MPH   
    • EdD   
    • MS/MA in the social sciences or STEM  
  • Be a first-year graduate student for the following academic year   
  • Have an undergraduate GPA of at least 3.5   
  • Be a U.S. citizen or DACA recipient  

Fact Sheet

Arts and Architecture, Humanities, Social Sciences, STEM
Columbia Alumna/us, Columbia College, Columbia Engineering, Columbia General Studies, Columbia Graduate Students, Senior
Fellowship Type:
Postgraduate Degree-Seeking
Multiple Locations,
United States
Academic Year

Dates & Deadlines

Academic Year
Application Deadline: 
Sunday, April 7, 2024
Deadline 11:59 pm EST. Application opens mid-February.