Recruiting students

We invite your input as we search for students who might benefit from exploring and applying for fellowships. You are in the best position to judge students’ intellectual abilities and how they align with the selection criteria of competitive fellowships.

It is never too early for students to explore fellowships, or for you to recommend a student to us. There are fellowships for every class year and actions students can take at every stage of their undergraduate career. Please fill out this brief form to let us know about any students you find particularly promising. We will follow up and open a dialogue with them.

Core Curriculum

Faculty members who teach in the Core Curriculum get to know students at a crucial stage in their development. Please look out for messages from our office. We will ask you about students who have strong critical thinking skills, who express themselves well, and who are particularly engaged with the material in these courses.

The Junior Year

The junior year is prime moment for our staff to get to know your students. Many competitions take place this year or in the summer after junior year. Students also advance in their majors and begin to make plans for research projects and honors theses. Students who are looking to engage more deeply in their field can benefit from exploring fellowships. The Director of Undergraduate Studies in your department will reach out to you each spring with a request to refer juniors to our office.

Summer Funding

Undergraduate Research and Fellowships administers fellowships that provide funding for students planning summer research on and off campus. We also guide students in seeking out external awards, available on our database. Please direct student inquiries about funding to our office, or feel free to reach out to us yourself.