Finding Fellowships

How to Find a Fellowship

Start by considering your goals for applying. Are you looking for funding to support study abroad or a research project? Are you considering postgraduate degrees in the U.S. or abroad? Are you trying to deepen your commitment to public service and get involved in a community of like-minded people?

To delve into these questions, plan to attend an info session, or talk with URF advisers. You can also search our database to explore the possibilities.

Finding the database a little daunting? Take a look at one of URF's Quick Guides to jump start your fellowship search!

International Students

As an international student, the process for finding scholarships can take time and effort. Many fellowships are only for people with U.S. citizenship. You can search the database by eligibility requirements. You might also try checking for fellowships through your home country’s consulate and embassy in the U.S. Please plan to talk with URF advisers for more guidance.

Recent Alumni

Fellowships offer many unique opportunities for alumni. You should first consider your motivation and goals in considering fellowships. Are you interested in enhancing your language skills for graduate school or a job? Are you looking to continue the research that you began during as a student? Has your current job sparked an interest in exploring new disciplines or parts of the world? URF advisers are here to talk about your options with you and provide support through the application process.